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Meet Rabbi Phil Karesh

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'Courteous, warm and polite'


~ Rebeccah H., IN

Rabbi Phil Karesh, Certified Mohel, M. Ed.


Rabbi Karesh was born and raised on the north side of Chicago. He attended schools locally and continued on to pursue a Bachelors of Biology at Yeshiva University, EMT Certification in the State of NY, a Masters in Educational Administration at Loyola University School of Education in Chicago, and studied for the Rabbinate in Israel for three years.


Rabbi Karesh completed an extensive training program for circumcision over a period of nearly three years. During the final year, he studied under Rabbi Michoel Rovinsky, a distinguished expert in the field of circumcision who has been practicing for more than twenty years. Under his guidance, Rabbi Karesh has performed in hundreds of procedures in the training process alone.

In addition to performing circumcisions, Rabbi Karesh is involved on the professional level in Jewish education, both formal and informal, throughout Chicago. He speaks on Jewish law, Jewish thought, marriage, and parenting. Rabbi Karesh teaches and works with the spectrum of youth throughout Chicago. Rabbi Karesh, along with his wife Rachel and their children live in Chicago.

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