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Adult Circumcision

Adult circumcision is in surprising demand. Some are interested for religious purposes. Others are interested for the medical benefits. And still others are interested for aesthetic purposes. Either way, the surgical procedure is nearly painless and is done in an out-patient urologic clinic in about 45 minutes.


Adult circumcision takes place in a clinical setting with a Board Certified Urologist, a highly trained urologic team, and a sterile surgical environment. All of the utensils are sterilized in an autoclave.

The Medical Procedure

After injection of pain medication with high guage needles [which means really, really thin needles...], patients can remain confident that the pain during the procedure is at a minimum. Most patients feel no pain at all throughout the procedure. In addition to local anesthetics to the point of incision, we also provide patients with a penile block toward the end of the procedure to minimize discomfort after the circumcision is completed. Additionally, patients are given a presciption for pain management for the days that follow the circumcision. In many cases, patients don't even fill the prescription.
As for the procedure itself, there are various methods for adult circumcision. The particular method to be used will be determined by the urologist. The average procedure takes about 45 minutes. We use only self-dissolving stitches in order to minimize any future discomfort.


The aftercare for adult circumcision is simple. For the first few days, antibiotic ointment should be placed at the place of the excision twice daily. This limits the chances of infections. About one week after the circumcision, a visit should be scheduled with the urologist about a week after the procedure. The healing process takes about 2-3 weeks.

For more information, please visit our adult circumcision website at the link below

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